Saturday, October 3, 2015

Enter the world of Elves and the Faeries

If you long to live in the ever green and gold lands, where the faeries dance in the morning, and in the twilight, my books might interest you. The world we live in is cold and dreary, the faeries world is happy, renewing, hopeful. 

The book Visitations into Sidhe and Tir na nOg is about the passages into the worlds of death, youth and dream.  The book is non fiction of course ... ok that is a lie.  But it is beautifully illustrated with Pre-Raphaelite images.  So if you like beautiful images, consider it.   ... please?

Union of the Crowns is a love story about a Father towards two sons, an elf princess and a human prince, and the odd situations we find ourselves in, when death in a family coincides with new life entering the world.  I had cancer, as many know, and it took 2 years of my life to deal with it.  In 2012 my mother died, in 2013 I had an acrimonious split with an artist for reasons that are petty and worthless to recount.  And in November of that year I learned that the 80 lb weight loss I had without dieting came from cancer.  After it was mostly dealt with artist Ed Quinby challenged me to write a love story, but one in the style or nature of Tolkien and the classic fantasy works of the deep past.  And so, I did, with Ed adding and subtracting ideas, as a sort of content editor.  The work that resulted is mine, but the form it took was guided by Ed, and I consider it nearly if not completely co-written.  I adore Ed, he is a fantastic person, and he did this with me as much to get me back on the creative track as to show me support and incredible loyalty versus  the artist who I had the split from.  The art that accompanies the story is superb, and while I am not really a love story prose writer, I was happy with this work.

If you are a love story reader, read my love poems.  If you are a porn story/eros/erotic story reader, you might still enjoy my poems, but they are not umm ... about as they say, monkey business.

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