Monday, October 19, 2015

Entering the waters of the political swamp

We approach in the US the one year mark from voting to change the regime in Washington DC.  And as the sides debate within themselves about who has the voice to challenge the other side for the final choice, we are faced with questions that talk about America, and the root of who we truly are.

Do we accept others?
Do we accept ourselves?
Are we a great country?
Are we a good people?
Do we have a goal and reason for optimism?
Why bother?
What is the fucking point?

 Here is the point, from where I see it.

American culture stands upon a precipice.  The people who voted for Obama should be satisfied with the many changes made.  The people who voted the other direction are outraged by the changes.  Either the silent majority who voted in 2004 who surprised America will return, siding with the outrage, or the revolution and change will carry on.  Either direction will bring more anger, more hate, and more division.  I am not voting major party.  But as you can see with my farcical Third Party hopeful list, I do not expect to win.

How Obama and his regime has changed America is in ways great in size, and vast in kind.  How the Bush administration changed America was in tone.  Where America goes and how it goes there, the popular media will tell the story.

I just hope that when the revolution or counter-revolutions happen, the news is serious, and I can find it, and not instead find Kim Kardashian and Kanye West being focused on.  Being she is nothing.  And he is a fool. 

Let us pray, meditate, concentrate, mediate, whatevertate that we survive the year.

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