Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yes siree I've mentioned this fellow before. Yep. I like his work. Alan Dean Foster

No one in America could possibly ignore the impact of Star Wars upon the popular culture of the west, or particularly the United States.  It went further than that, obviously, but, Alan Dean Foster interpreted George Lucas's words in the first Star Wars book, wrote his own SW novel, for the first trilogy, and returned with an amazing work for the third.  His work is trusted, because it retains all the spirit and quality of the products it translates, while adding his voice, which is great.  I am waiting for the new book which will feature the new series, The Force Awakens.  I will like it I am sure.  I've never NOT enjoyed an ADF book.

I am guilty of preferring the series of movies, books, and universe of ALIEN to Star Wars.  I find the realism and horror to make more sense, and Sigourney Weaver is amazing.  So the fact that ADF wrote this series, until the later sequels, it just makes sense.  It was great, and so were his interpretations.

I love many of ADF's works.  Icerigger is perfect for me, as I love works happening in arctic or polar settings.  However, I am uncertain if ADF has spent much time in the polar climes, so it amazes me that he so ably makes my nose freeze with the wind in the work.

MAD AMOS is a favorite work, CACHALOT is as well, and MIDWORLD moves me in many different, but valued ways.  ADF is someone who has enhanced my life, and I look forward to lots more of his work.  Starting with THE FORCE AWAKENS.

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