Thursday, November 19, 2015

Appreciating the work of Tom Mandrake, Artist

Tom Mandrake is a creative talent who is associated with the horror genre. But he does much more than that.  He has an ability to depict real world people and the world around them so well that the events happening, whatever the genre have far greater impact.  I should say, that personally, Tom Mandrake is easily among the nicest people in comics, and real life I've met.  He is married to artist Jan Duursema who is as nice, and as talented.  For me, the art of Tom is moody, dark, and amazingly able to deliver a blow that is memorable longer than art that, perhaps is more detailed, or more anatomically "perfect".  The reason for that is, if you want photo-real work, watch a movie.  If you want a marriage of words and art, then Tom is the artist you'd like.  I do not offer up his work with anything abut appreciation, so do not assume I am damning with feint praise.  His work is just as good in black and white as it is in color, unless there is a world class colorist on hand.  And that fact, to me, tells you that he is all about story telling more than pin up poses.  There are only a few artists of his caliber, which might explain why Tom seems perennially booked for work.

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