Saturday, November 28, 2015

Writer, Artist, Guitarist, Editor Timothy Truman Considered

I love Tim Truman, or as I call him Trumie.  He is and has always been a kind person, gentle, and soft hearted. His motives and works all flow from his great big heart.  I am very much blessed to know him. 

There is, with Trumie's work, an authenticity and heartfelt honesty that can be both a blessing or curse.  If you appreciate personal works, if you agree with the stories of the underdog, if you are among the lost and seek the one who is rising against, you will feel it in you.  But, at the same time,
I've heard people say that they are not moved by the template story, and thereby, find much of the work out of their taste zone.  I am obviously in the first group.  And regarding Truman's work from a critical stance, you can see Kubert, Moebius, and some other less famous but certainly well talented artists.

But more than his immense skill with pens and pencils, inks and erasers.  He also writes.  And, I have to say, I do actually like his writing nearly as much as his art.  It is concise, the dialogue true, and the stories told exciting and worth reading.

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