Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Season Ideas

People in this overly sensitive world get upset over words.  So I say Merry Christmas, I say Happy Hannukah, I say Festive Festivus.  I don't find it offensive to hear wishes from anyone, regardless of the season I am wished blessings for.  I offer similar wishes for you.  Whatever season you celebrate, bless your celebration.  And if you do not celebrate, have a good month, for no particular reason.



I'd be called a moron if I didn't reflect here upon the arrival of the newest entry into the Star Wars universe.  Since I am focusing on books, for the geek in your life who reads, why not pick up four Star Wars books written by, or in the first book, ghost written by, Alan Dean Foster.  He has been trusted with novelizations and original fiction in the universe, and has great track record for excellence.


This will surprise some folks as I was late to the Sandman of Neil Gaiman and even much later to his other work.  But I love alternate history, and Marvel 1602 is a concept that presents that world with the characters we know, but with the tech, personages, and historical development to that point in history.  I like the Neil Gaiman volume best, but, these are all quite good for a series by many hands.

DC COMICS Green Arrow

I think Green Arrow is a hot commodity with the television show ARROW, but, for me the best version of Green Arrow happened with the series that followed Longbow Hunters, by Mike Grell.  The three tpbs here are written only, rather than working Grell's ass to death with art chore's as well, but Hannigan and Grell are really on target, and the stories are as mature as the comics of the day allowed.  I should also note, Mike Grell calls me his pain in the ass "little" brother, so I might be biased, but this work is an all time favorite for me.  It would be loved by any fan of the show ARROW. 


Imagine a world where the Soviet Union perhaps didn't collapse but is rather reimagined in a mythic sense.  The stories follow heroes facing grave crisis' within that different Soviet world.   The art, writing and overall story is amazing, and any fan of vivid art and heroic stories should find this a great gift. A small warning, the works are expensive at the same time as they are great.  But I believe they are very well worth it.


The Alien movie franchise is dealing with prequels from the original director Ridley Scott, along with a new series to intersect the original works and change the works between Aliens and Alien3.  It is perhaps time to reread the movie novelizations.  Hey, wait a minute, it is by that Alan Dean Foster guy again.  No, I am not just suggesting his works, there is a point to it, Alien will become a hot subject again, and these books, rereleased with beauty covers are again worth buying.


Another franchise that geeks love is Star Trek.  The kind people who published the Star Trek The Animated Series logs released the books, 1-10, with brand new covers.  The works being captured were the Star Trek Animated Series cartoon.  I've seen the cartoons, and read the logs.  The logs are far far superior.  They were written, by that guy Alan Dean Foster... seriously, he is just that good, not that I have an agenda.


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