Monday, December 7, 2015

Horror plus Pirates = Awesome.

 Sea of Red from IMAGE by Rick Remender, Keiron Dwyer, Salgood Sam and Paul Harmon and Rawbone from AVATAR by Jamie Delano feature pirates, of a most dark and dangerous kind.  As individuals they might have honor, but to those that cross them, or harm them, woe be to them.  These two works are favorites of mine, and for the fact that, people like happy pirates, which is probably not what the historical truth would show.

I am showing these books because pirates and horror demonstrate how crossing genres can be a perfect marriage.  Crime and horror works as well.  The quality of art and writing both are important, but in Sea of Red's case they add one interesting addition, the pages are published in a color that is not white, but rather, bone vellum.  They resemble paper that would accompany a pirate map or that of the time of the events found in the beginning of the story.

Both of these books are worthy of your time. 

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