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Cabin Fever Comics: Horror

It might come as a surprise to some, but Cabin Fever Comics is one of my most requested feature here.  I am written to asking for recommendations, what I like, and what would be good for various genres in comics.  I might do more than one edition this year, but more because I have a lot in my noggin going on and I like sharing.

2015 turned out to be quite awesome for me.  I finally rose up from a 4 year long depression that began when my mother passed in 2012.   I, of course, still miss my mother, and the other person who died in 2014 who added to my sorrow.  But life is a combination of joy and sorrow, and life does not allow retroactive edits.

I chose the following books because some people told me they like the ideas of Poe, Lovecraft and the other folks I write about, with regard to their prose, but they don't have time to read books, whereas comics, oh hell yeah.  I cannot promise availability, or price, but I can promise that the Graphic Classics are damn good.

If you are interested in a genre and what I think is best, feel free to contact me here.  Or at


Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, and HP Lovecraft write in ways that are especially adaptable to comics.  They are visual and emotive writers and their works can be perfect if the artist understands the nuances of the stories.

The stories and poems of HP Lovecraft and his circle of literary friends are often NOT adapted well when the publisher tries to expand short stories into large comic series.  (Not naming names of those publishers.)  So the original G/Ns of the stories in comic form here that are nearly the length and size of the prose story are rightly aimed, and I think do a good job.  Not all adaptations and expansions work, but these did.

Anne Rice's language use is so lush, I don't need something in any other form, but some people prefer illustrations and movies to words.  These books are good, and I think do a good job adapting the works.  I will say, some of the magic is lost but, I love Anne Rice so everything more is good.

Stephen King's Dark Tower is a work that does not suffer in translation to comic form.  There is an issue though.  Well not an issue.  Jae Lee the illustrator is amazing, and perhaps the translation is so good because of his master brush.  Anyhow, for horror/adventure/weird tales, Dark Tower works on a number of levels, and I liked it.

Graphic Classics and Classics Illustrated Horror

Graphic Novels of HP Lovecraft and his Circle of Friends

Adaptations of Anne Rice novels

Stephen King's Dark Tower series adapted for comics

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