Friday, January 29, 2016

the NFL: No Fun League


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I am not a fan of the Carolina Panthers, nor is their
quarterback Cam Newton one of my favorite players. 

There have been many voices complaining about the manner of celebration carried out by the Carolina Panthers, and particularly by Cam Newton, on the way to the Superbowl.  They crushed most of their opponents, and showed amazing form both sides of the ball, crushing the opponent on defense, and scoring freely and often on offense.  When Cam Newton is the scorer, he dances.  And some think it is a case of Newton mocking his opponents. 

Since about 1975 or so, players have been growing more outrageous in their celebrations.  And the league penalizes too much celebration.  It is common to see players dance in celebration, even of a simple catch or first down, let alone a touchdown.

So why does it bother so many people that Cam dances?  I have to say, I think there are two things involved.  It is taunting or mocking, and that is unbecoming of a professional in sport.  Illegal or not, the celebration seems to taunt the defeated foe.  The second thing involved, I am afraid, is racism.  Cam Newton is a large, powerful, handsome, intelligent African American at the position of Quarterback, and that is a position that is the final bastion of white reason.  They say black quarterbacks want to run and not pass, and can't read defenses.  And here comes a black QB who is good in many ways others are not, including many white QBs.  His dance is mocking the opponent maybe, but it is truly mocking a stereotype.  And for that reason alone, I say, Dance Cam.  Dance all you fucking like.

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