Friday, February 19, 2016

Umberto Eco Passes Away

A great writer has passed.  Italian author Umberto Eco died at the age of 84.  He lived a long life, but with such a talent no one could have found enough of his work to read.

Fair use, photo credit from LATimes
Umberto Eco was a writer who combined intricate plots, elaborate yet elegant detail, and amazing depth in his works.  Eco did not pump out new books every 6 months.  He was prolific and productive, but fans of his work would say not as much as they'd have liked.  He was a great writer, of course we'd like more.  But let us not be pigs, if you look hard, you can find articles written by him, interviews, and essays.   His work is exceptionally rewarding, in ways no other present author compares.

THE NAME OF THE ROSE was my first experience with his writing, and afterward I could only hope for more books by him.  Few other works struck me with so much power of word, clarity of depth, and knowledge of history in a way that it felt as though I was seeing it myself.

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