Friday, April 22, 2016

Is there a Plague Doctor in the house?

Over time humans have achieved enormous victories over disease, in the form of vaccines and forming resistance via antibodies.  We've used our mental capacities and our evolutionary selection as ways to overcome the cold, dark, evil hand of death, brought by plague.

And that is good.  Over human memory we find cases where the truth was, people believed that the Biblical End Times were believed to be happening.  Hunger, Plague, Wars, Cruelty, and horrible unrivaled and unrecorded forms of torture happened over and again.  The trumpets of the heavens could be heard in the wailing of the infants, who were going without food, as their parents had just died from plague...

I am not trying to bring anyone down, but to remind you that we have overcome a great deal to be where we are.  But to also warn the readers, plague in its many forms still exists.  Ebola is horrible but it has been said that it is one of many, and by no means is the worst.  It is just one of the worst that we have seen in action.  Some scientists have pointed out that humanity is presently part of another great extinction event, both as one who has caused extinction, and perhaps one who will become extinct.  If this is the case, and I have no expertise in the matter to say, then it could be suggested that plague will be one of the means to achieve that extinction.

Poplitiko has always tried to look at the ways popular media looks at the subject at hand.  Below are some images found in art of plague, the result of plague, and again, death.  Enjoy, and always remember, be kind to one another, we might be gone tomorrow.

All sources public domain.

First and last images are by Arnold Bocklin.

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