Thursday, April 21, 2016

Musical Genius Prince dead at 57

Prince was a musical genius, from Minnesota, full of ideas, beliefs about life and his work.  He was hard to understand for people who wanted pop music, but a glorious revelation for others who wanted to hear an immense talent unleashed.  At various stages he was interested in religious expression, but it is difficult to know what he believed other than by what he said.  

As with any artist of known quality, his legacy is his music, and he will be missed, and the loss of what could have been will be calculated by many.  Poplitiko recognizes his loss and grieves along with everyone else.

He appeared in comics in story form, along with stories about him.  Bluewater productions has generously offered 10 itunes downloads of the Fame: Prince comic.  The first 10 people to write to me at AlexanderNess63 AT will be the lucky recipients of this.

Thank you to Bluewater/Darren Davis for the generous share.

Bluewater Productions

Farewell Prince.
You will be missed.

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