Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plans for your Memorial day Cabin Reading

So you like the genre of Fantasy?  Then you need more than the JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin books that you've read 17 times each.  Sure, they are awesome, but there is more than those, and I am not even going to mention HP Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, or Robert E. Howard.

At the end of the short article you will find a suggestion, it involves my work.  Don't hate me for it.  It doesn't require that you obey.  

Dennis McKiernan's Iron Tower, Silver Call and Dragondoom.  Three books that will fill your weekend with heroics and comfort food adventure.    Fun reading that doesn't hurt the pocket book, and is a fun way to spend a weekend.

Michael Moorcock's Chronicles of the Final Emperor of Melnibone, Elric.  If you crave darker stories, with a flawed lead character, Elric is an elvish leader of an ancient people, who is doomed to fail, and lose his loved ones, whatever he attempts.  The joy of reading is in the magnificent writing, and the depth of the world we read.

Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion and Gird belong to a setting that feels real, with behavior, dialogue, and ideas that feel both consequential and worthy of the characters.  Moon has a wonderful command of how people respond to crisis, while she offers glimpses into a world not exactly like our own, but one with more dangerous version, along with surprises.

Fritz Leiber wrote many years ago, so some view his work as poorly aged.  The argument is, particularly, that the women in his work rarely are well developed and usually take secondary or lesser roles.  If this is of importance to you, avoid this recommendation, but, as a 17 year old kid I loved these books.  They read fast, there were humorous situations as well as high adventure, and I never felt cheated for the time I invested in them.

In my work here there is an oft mentioned author, Alan Dean Foster and he is a favorite of mine.  His eight books in the Spellsinger series are filled with action, magic, and humor.  They are worth your time, money, and would be a great week's read.

And now, a suggestion.  I write books and take part in a number of anthologies.  Many are fantasy in genre.  I make very little money, so by buying them you would be supporting me.

Hunt the Winterlands is a work that is about a land that became arctic after a catastrophe.  Most of the residents migrated if they could, some died if they could not, and the survivors who remained took to cannibalism, raiding, and tunneling for survival.

Eye of the Dagger is about the world of assassins, in both historic and fantasy realms.  It was written with Josh Brown who is also my publisher over at UffDa.  We also had work from Marc Kleinhenz who is a former regular contributor here.

Empire of Stone is a work that was laid out with an artist, written for that artist's work, and then that artist went off and was rarely heard from again.  But the work still existed, so I got some friends to join me to finish it.  It is about a last stand of Dwarves against the rest of their shattered world, and they trust no one, after so many betrayals, and so many wars.

You can find them at Amazon

I might have copies too, if you are looking for signed copies.  But I don't have many of Eye of the Dagger.

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