Thursday, April 14, 2016

When a news story is not.

It is political season, so both politicians and commentators of such are game.  And it should be no surprise to learn that Asshole Bill O'Reilly wants to protect his image.  The story about his efforts and failures are found in this Gawker article.

But read the story.  It is as much a criticism of the church, O'Reilly as a human, his being a cold human being who has connections with the church, as it is a news story.  In fact, I find nothing newsworthy within it.  I am bringing this up as a commentary on the news, and the tabloid news world where the present feeding frenzy and blood bath occurs whenever a person of strong opinion is perceived as being vulnerable. 

Note well, I do not like nor agree with the politics of Bill O'Reilly.  I think he is a moron, I disagree with his ideology.  But, a news article about his divorce is 1) unnecessary, 2) is invasive, and 3) wouldn't happen to any of the reporters on the site Gawker if they were guilty of exactly the same behaviors. 

So, whenever you look at the news page, wherever you get your news, remember, it isn't about the truth, or learning about the facts so that we can grow, or move forward, it is straight pornography.  We read a vast number of articles that are solely about titillation despite how they are wrapped.  And additionally, to the extent that real events are also in the news, imagine this, for a moment, nothing you read comes from an unbiased source.  News articles, entertainment articles, all sorts of articles, are written to gain your eyes, and hits bring money.  It has very little to do with importance, or cultural resonance. 

That Kurt Wilcken and myself, along with a number welcome guests and writers, over the last 8 years have written here without pay, without recognition, and without a desire to pervert your views is rather unique.  We have views of course, but if you could guess my vote I'd kiss your ass.  And about Kurt's vote?  You can ask him if you can kiss his ass, I am not in charge of that.

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