Sunday, May 29, 2016

It was 1979 and they said I was too old to like them...

But dammit, I was a child at heart all of my life.  So of course, I am still a fan, of the greatest toy ever to be created, MICRONAUTS. 


Marvel took a game license and created a huge story with it, Bill Mantlo was a genius with the work.  Various fine artists rocked the title as well.

Marvel released approximately 75 or more issues of Micronaut works.  And they did a great job.


In the early 2000s I experienced the excitement of finding that Devil's Due Press through Image was producing new Micronaut stories.  The series was visually solid, and if taken as a book that was devoted to a toy license, it was lovely.  But while it was better in ways than the Marvel books, (in look) but the Mantlo writing was leagues better than the Image/DDP writing.

One of the bright spots of the Micronauts came from the Karza series, and was a look into the powerful villains dark heart. 


And then DDP released a series through its own imprint rather than Image.  And that series wasn't very good in look or story.

The Micronauts in book form

 From the publisher...

"Angel's Gift is a small mid-western town known for its friendly neighbors, its world-class apple pie and an interdimensional portal; a tear in the fabric of time and space. Ryan Archer and his scientist father Dallas, have come to Angel's Gift to find an explanation to this phenomenon. At first, the investigation goes well, but then Ryan begins to notice odd little things, like recognising members of alien races that have travelled through the portal aliens casually referred to a Micronauts. And then there are the mysterious disappearances. Something is wrong in this town - Ryan knows it. Because the secret of Angel's Gift is connected to an enigmatic figure who has been haunting his dreams of late - a figure who has come to warn him of great danger.

Within our own universe lies another universe unknown to us...until now. This is the realm of THE MICRONAUTS - a place ruled by the tyrant Baron Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the cost of their humanity. When Earthman Ryan Archer is thrown into their world, not only are things about to change, but Ryan will have much to do with it...

Baron Karza has analysed the Time Traveller many times. He has spent his life trying to learn the mysterious figure's secrets, dreaming of what he could achieve if he had the power to rewrite history. But Karza has detected something wrong - time itself isn't flowing as is should...and it's beginning to fray around the edges."


2016 IDW strikes with a new series, and the first two issues kick ass.  Without doing a specific review, it can be argued that this version is very good because it captures aspects of the Micronauts that everyone who loves them will love.

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