Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A visual tour of the work of Frank Frazetta



Frank Frazetta ISFDB

 JVJ Artist site

Frank Frazetta was a great painter and artist.
His work was found across science fiction and fantasy, comic books and book covers, record albums and CD covers.

His work inspired other artists, and the works found today at comic and sci fi conventions can be directly traced to his influence.  Although his nude women and violent men would challenge the prudish standards of his day, by the current standards, they do not seem out of place.

His helmeted character Death Dealer is perceived by many as evil, and while he is clearly violent, the stories told of the character make him to be a force of nature, a guardian of sorts, and one who responds to violence with violence, not as an originator, but a response to it.  Death Dealer is likely Frazetta's most popular creation, but his work on Conan and other characters of pulp and fantasy are recognizable for his mark upon them.

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