Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Buying REHoward books

If you collect Robert E. Howard there are numerous levels at which to collect.  You can pursue reader copies, and find it rather easy to complete the reading library for under 100 dollars, and you might supplement that with Project Gutenberg.

If you like good quality but avoid the signed and numbered books, avoid the expensive rare books, expect to spend 300 dollars or so.  The recent fall into public domain of much of RE Howard work has seen a proliferation of oodles of books, some beautiful, some ugly, some edited and well considered, others not worth reading.  So, buying new, and picking your particular preference, you can find a beautiful collection, without breaking a bank.

Buying everything, in rare, or perfect condition, as well as new and signed and numbered, you will spend thousands.  And with every new collection you will be forced to unload more money. Good luck.


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