Friday, August 19, 2016

Living our creed: Read, Watch, Play and Listen

For the last three months I've been dealing with issues, health and work.  The health is bad, but the work is good.  So I've not been able to think long enough to write other essays, since my attention has been divided.

But for those wondering what I've read in the world of comics:

Micronauts is a good read, far too quick for my buying however.  Comics used to be able to tell a good story in a short amount of pages, for what I could afford.  But now I have to pay 4 bucks a pop to get a chapter.  Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens is very good for a first issue.  Beyond that, we'll see. 

While I haven't played games I've looked into collecting the games I've had, that is, finding replacements or adding to a series I was trying to compile.  Microgames from Metagaming were a blast, short in set up, and long in replay.  Some people recognize Ogre in that set above, it was by the game designer Steve Jackson, who created, thereafter, Steve Jackson Games.  All of these I love, but Ice War was/is my favorite.

And the cover of the boxed set of Tunnels and Trolls is displayed for me to mention that I plan to send my son off to college with an RPG system to play, whenever he decides he is leaving the nest.  He is 17, soon to be an adult, and T&T is great for solo play, so it would be a choice well made if I find a copy to send him away holding a copy.  

My son is also responsible for my listening to a lot of music, and many bands are made for his generation and ear.  But I have actually deepened my library of taste with music that is both harder and louder than I am prone to hear.  We are the Ocean, Deaf Havana, Asking Alexandria and other bands of the younger posthardcore, emo, perhaps screamo...

And I like a number of bands from Europe who play metal, but aim their voices to God.  Some argue against the existence of Rock + God, but I am not worried, I don't let other people decide my taste.  Holy Blood is a band from Ukraine and I have all of their music.  Some of it is too loud, but most of it is really good. 

I've written about my love for the work of Yukio Mishima, and I find his work to give me solace, even in the depths of depressions.  His work carved out a niche of intellectual musing with just the proper amount of sorrow. 

I have continued to buy HP Lovecraft works, and that of related Lovecraft Circle writers.  I've even taken to accepting that while August Derleth missed some of the point of HPLovecraft's work, in fashioning a good versus evil motif, his writing is good.

And I've watched some lovely Kaiju movies, and I am unashamed to say, I loved them all.  Every damn one.

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