Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Two Month Hiatus for me

In response to my previous entry to this blog, I am adding a similar one, but with a bit of writing about my situation first.  I am dealing with kidney stones, and issues with pain keeping me from sleeping.  While I used to be able to use these stretches without sleep with writing.  But at the moment when I am in so much pain I cannot sleep, I also cannot write.  Arthritis and aging go hand in hand, so, it isn't as if I can expect it to go away.   I have a couple of great doctors, so I am not in any way shape or form complaining about them.  Kidney stones and arthritis are mostly not fatal problems, but the pain associated with those situations is nearly impossible to deal with.  Celebrexx just doesn't reach it. 

So, as a result of my life and schedule disasters, I am taking a 2 month hiatus from entries here.  I will return, and I will likely still have the pain when I do.  But the hiatus will allow me to figure out how to arrange my schedule so I can write.


I've continued to devour books in my attempt to educate my mind, and soul.  Albert Camus is the writer who helped me reach contentment with my purpose of life.  I had been dealing with issues with the amount of work I did/do and the relative little reward.  And Albert Camus illustrates how our world is absurd, and that by our understanding of it might fail, but our finding purpose will come with our recognizing that our labors and doing what is right making our own existence worthy.  I needed that, and dealing with various people it allows me to not judge them, that is, our world is absurd, and seemingly a puzzle, but by our own hand we can make it have purpose.  So not everyone has arrived in that place to understand.

Ovid, Roman master poet, Algernon Blackwood UK resident horror writer, Arthur Machen was a Welshman interested in things from a different realm, and William Hope Hodgson was a UK writer who wrote in the genre of Weird Fiction.  All four of these gentleman wrote in ways that cause me to grow, and I deeply appreciate their talents.

And while I've read him before, Brian Lumley's Necroscope scares the shit out of me.  I can't help that I scream like a little girl and wet my pants in the first sign of danger.


Gamma World and Star Frontiers are both examples of table top RPGs where the player isn't playing in a Tolkienesque world.  I point them out because each game has strengths that can be utilized for telling stories that are outside of the norm.  Players may or may not "get it", science fiction games need a strong background and essence of reality, without which it won't work.  My only real point is that playing in such a world or considering it can lead to great, unrealized stories, either written in the gaming dialogue between players and GM, or to inspire and result with great new works on paper.


I try not to push my favorite comics as much as I have in the past.  The reason isn't that I am struggling or unwilling, it is that I am aware that my taste is not necessarily anyone else's taste.

Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen is continuously entertaining, well written, and fun.

I plan to reread, during the hiatus some of the great Grant Morrison works in the world of comics. 


A couple people wrote to ask regarding my previous entry what young loud bands am I enjoying.  And while there are many, We Are The Ocean, We Are The Fallen, and Deaf Havana are currently at the top of my listening list.   They each have strengths and weaknesses, so I am enjoying the tour.

Video Games

I said that I don't really play video games, and that is mostly true.  But these are my four favorites.  I could Pod Race all day long though, I loved that game.


Every summer I watch many different Samurai films.  My favorite is Seven Samurai, and I've studied it in detail and still come away from my viewing having learned or gained from it.  It continues to pay a great a harvest.

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