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copyright information

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Peter Blume, Modern Painter, Modern Sensibilities

Peter Blume,  10/27/06 - 11/30/92 was an American painter and sculptor.  Born in Belarus, of Jewish parents, he joined his family as an immigrant to America, and he was trained in fine arts through schooling, and received support by patronage from the Rockefeller family.  His works are evidence of the movement following World War Two to express the fears, hopes, and events of humanity through symbolism and metaphors.  His works were beautiful, technically speaking, but more so, as opposed to the abstract modern art, he created images, some iconic, to represent more than what was upon the canvas.  He painted messages to the future and present.

Standing in stark difference to purely commercial or purely symbolic works, his works presented the viewing public with both beauty and message.  His works are not in public domain yet, but they stand as parts of our culture to cherish as contributions to the greater American experience.

All of the enclosed works are Copyright estate of Peter Blume and those various owners of the work.  No claim of ownership of rights is claimed, this is a done as a brief educational work regarding the artist.

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