Sunday, March 19, 2017


From noun
1.  anything presented to the sight or view, especially something of a striking or impressive kind: The stars make a fine spectacle tonight.

2. a public show or display, especially on a large scale:
The coronation was a lavish spectacle.

From the depths of human history humans have watched spectacle for entertainment.  From gladiatorial battles, with death as a resolution.  Humans were fed to lions, bears, and other wild creatures.  And the audiences of such roared their approval.  Christians, Pagans, Muslims, Jews were made to die for various audiences.   Death was the end result of the episode of entertainment.

Humans captured wild animals, and would chain them to a stake.  Bear bating, Dog bating, human bating, all occurred.  To the roar of appreciation from the audience.  Compassion for the fallen was not a common trait.  Those entertained by spectacle, desired to watch violence for their own pleasure.

Bare knuckle fighting, bull fights and more existed into the modern era.  Violence entertains, blood is a bonus. 

Boxing thrived as a sport, with rules of engagement that limited damage to the participants.  But boxing has fallen in interest, in favor of the Mixed Martial Arts world.  The origins of MMA included very few rules, and many injuries.  It was the bloodsport that boxing would not, couldn't become.

And now, modern culture practices spectacle, through virtual reality, video games.  It watches violent events such as MMA or movies about violent events, without conscience.

Mostly, now, we watch other people live, and the more odd, violent, ugly, bloody, the better.  Reality television has become the provider of the drug of intimacy, where one needs no relationship or knowledge, but can enjoy the secret, private, spectacle of others.

In popular culture we can experience the spectacle, bloodsport that feeds our need for violence, or the pornographic false intimacy of porn, of reality television, and watching various news stories that show human event in the darkest most exploitative light in existence.

We also play and watch soldiers in war.  We have sent off our youth in battle continuously since 2001.  We've brought up a generation who has never known any form of peace.  Sadly, the cost of such entertainment is death.

We have poured out the vintage of youth, we have been addicted to bloodsport, and violence, and the world we live in is experiencing entropy.

God save us from ourselves.

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