Thursday, March 2, 2017

Humor is distinctly personal, you laugh, I might not...

I used to read a shit ton of comics per month for review purposes.  I was blessed to receive review copies, I had a local comic shop that gave me copies in exchange for writing on their website, and a variety of creative talents sent me works for review.

I got accused of reviewing everything positively and it was an apt accusation.  However, I tried not to spotlight the works I didn't like, and tried to offer these books per month as a recommendations rather than purely reviews.  I tended to enjoy the independents more than the big publishers, but by genre there were very few comics I didn't want to read or review...  except for humor comics. 

It is not to say I hate humor.  I am not an emo who hates to laugh.  I often don't find the humor of the comics called comedy or humorous.   That isn't to say they were bad comics.  It isn't that the comics were going above my head.  I just didn't find them funny.

So, I stopped reading any comics with the purpose of reviewing if they were primarily humorous in content.  And again it isn't that I thought the comics were poorly done.  It is because one person's humor is another person's annoyance.  Some people like the Three Stooges, and others the Marx Brothers.  (I like both, just saying.) But some people think Pauly Shore was funny... while others know he is a boring bag of shit.  I think comedy/humor is deeply personally appreciated by the unique experiences and life viewpoint of the reader.  My son and I have over time watched many stand up comedians on youtube.  We usually find ourselves laughing simultaneously.  But when I watch the same with my wife, we generally have no simultaneous laughs.  In fact, one or the other of us generally leaves after a while thinking the comedian is boring, or simply bad. 

My point of the previous paragraphs is to explain why I had trouble reviewing comedy in comics form.  But there are many comics that were intentionally made humorous that I loved. 

As this is not a review, I am not going to go into why I liked each of the comics presented below.  But I do think I should say, I love the work of Matt Feazell.  Antboy and Cynicalman are brilliantly funny.  I love them, and find them to be the exact recipe for fun.

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