Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few points and a rant


I wish to point out that in addition to getting hatemail, which I will cover in the next point, the people sending this are fools.  If I am writing a column regarding Image Comics, who does not have a woman founder in the group, I am not supporting misogyny.  I am writing a column about comics.  I do not believe that you correct past historical "mistakes" by changing the history of it.  No one, to this point I guess, has gone back in time.  And for my money if you did, you'd be a fucking moron to go change history by dealing with comic book company's and their hiring or formation process.  I'd kill Hitler, and a few other assholes from the past.  You do not make the world better by bitching at people who do positive work regarding the industry you are angry towards.  So, here is a lesson for the fools who don't get it, you can start your own website, some are even free.  You can write a blog, which are also free.  Shitting on, or towards, or trying to silence people for doing their work, is not the answer.  You cannot change history, but you can make history.  GO DO IT YOURSELF.  Shitting on others doesn't fix anything.


In endeavoring to return to full time writing about comics, I've received new writers of hate mail.  I understand that there are people who won't like me, or, enjoy hurting people, or, aim to feel superior over another.  Doing this makes them feel things.  But, from here on out, all of the emails sent to me will be published here and are considered for print.  Your emailing me with negative motives will be the permission to publish.

I've responded to almost every legitimate email sent to me over the course of my writing online, since 2002.  I do not live my life with fear of others writing to me.  But, it isn't pleasant, and I do not enjoy it.


I was asked if I accept pdf copies for review.  No.  I do not.  I do not read ebooks.  I do not possess any sort of kindle, nook, or whatever.  I do not enjoy it, and I do not have any interest in such things.  I will review books or comics, sent to me in physical form.  Email me for my address.

WHY I HATE KICKSTARTER, and to a lesser extent & Patreon

I don't have any steadfast beliefs about the economy.  I don't understand most of the things I hear, regarding banking, currency exchange, or compound interest.  I have a relatively high IQ, but my skills are not as concrete or tangible as math.  Sometimes I could see it being a failure of intellect, but, mostly, I knew I'd never really do well in any math oriented field, so I never bothered.  That said, I've done variously Wall Street picks and done well, and I've always done well in the office pools for weekend football scores.

Um, Alex, what's the point you are making?

Right, getting on to it.  A person buying a book, cd, movie, comic book is giving an artist something, and getting something in return.  Doing so follows a commonly acted out display of capitalism to some, simply the market to others.  I do this, it gets pushed ahead into print, as my publisher pays for the materials, the risk, the distribution, the pr, and other sundry items.  I have heard books sell when people write them, I haven't experienced that, but I believe in many things I've not experienced.'

In the market, there is a perception of value in exchange for currency.  Labor, materials and all that go into the cost.  People can argue if it is a working system, but the market, for good or evil, has existed from the time Caveman Ogg gave Brontosaurus Rider Blok five duck eggs for that shank of T-Rex.  One had something, the other wanted it, there was an exchange.

So get to the fucking point Dude!  

OK OK, there used to be a system in place where a creator had to go through hoops to find an employer to publish his creative work.  But something happened to this system.  There are the giant corporations who make money and if they don't they don't do that any more.  But for the creatives who have work that is less popular, perhaps highly intellectual work that doesn't appeal, experimental work that has no previous examples, or simply a work that has no established popularity they have fallen from access to the market.

The use of Kickstarter Patreon, and to a much lesser extent Gofundme are a result of the lack of a system that allows anyone but the most popular access to an audience.  Some have said it is a result of the crash of the economy, and as such, the bigger businesses cast out anyone but the best sellers, the middle and smaller size companies went belly up and the market has no model for individuals trying to sell a product directly to the customers, or some other form of money making enterprise.

I understand the desire to start projects and have it be paid for.  WHO DOESN'T.  I get that.  But, I don't think the system works because some folks are getting ripped off, and Kickstarter does not police those who do not repay their buyers if there is no product.  There are numerous cases of people not paying out.


People do want to support creatives.  When creatives do not deliver after funds were given, people have a right to be angry.  I've seen people I respect simply stop talking about the work, after having taken in many thousands of dollars. 

I see some people like Bob Giadrosich who had a lovely book featuring his art fulfill and go to the max to thank people.  

And I see people like Ken Whitman who gets stupid kinds of angry when people want to see performance on the promises, and fails.

GoFundme is more personal, you might be helping people, but, there are people who have made miserable life choices, riding high on credit cards and asking to be rescued from debt along side of people who were evicted, have 5 kinds of cancer, and their dog died.  I get many gofundme campaigns.  I completely accept those, but damn if the more insane ones take up my time.

Patreon is a way to support creative people by the month.  I understand this.  But this is charity and nothing less.  If you want to pay people for being creative you all owe me a bajillion dollars. Seriously.  I spend 80 hours a week working, and I make very little money.  VERY LITTLE.

Anyhow, I really think big businesses are happy as anything about kickstarter existing.  They get to skim the cream at the top, cast out everything other than that, and still make oodles of money.  That is a economic system that works, for them alone.

 So remember, you all owe me money, and Kickstarter sucks.

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