Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lord Chuck, master of the comic book realms...

Anyone watching me write here knows I like Chuck Dixon, as a friend and as a fine writer of comics and books.  He recently became the all time leader in the world of comics in the feat of most pages written.  Congratulations Chuck, you deserve great kudos!

It is bound to happen that someone writing that much would have various runs and comic series that were never collected in book form, and they were indeed good enough to have been collected.

For Chuck's TPB's that need to be I've chosen only ones that can happen, whereas there are two that are awesome but would not happen.

Young Master is a work similar to Way of the Rat, in that it is based upon a character who goes through an epic journey to become a great warrior.  It is set in an Asian setting.  And it is quite good.  The best issue was the special, The World of Young Master with Alex Fucking Nino.  It was so good. SO GOOD.

The Brotherhood of the Fist cross over story deserves collecting because the art was good, the story was tight, and you got to see Chuck writing different characters, having them interact, and doing so very awesomely.  A fine choice for TPBing.

From the first issue I bought many copies of Brath when it came out and have shared them with numerous people.  It is a true barbarian tale, without the baggage, good or bad, of the typical stories and legacies of Conan or Kull, or Bran Mak Morn.  Sadly it was still in the CrossGen Universe so there were hints that he was a sigil bearer, but thankfully, it was underplayed.  Brath is a wonderful series, great writing, and the art is perfectly done for the book.  Lavish details and lush muscular characters.  Action scenes are one of Chuck's strengths, and combined with Andrea Di Vito, OMG.

Chuck's creation with Graham Nolan of Bane is worthy of Omnibus treatment of all the character's full stories.

I used to play and collect games way more than comics.  Car Warriors is from a Steve Jackson Games game called Car Wars.  Characters drive in modified vehicles for dominance of the road.  This series is pure fun, a great adaptation of the game, and worthy on its own, not just good for an adaptation, but good.

Richard Dragon was a wonderful comic that I think only I bought.  I kept wondering how people could ignore it.  And I am sure no one who bought it and read it thought differently.  But for some reason, it seemed no one cared when it appeared, and DC followed up on the lack of pr with less and less attention.  I was frankly surprised that it reached 12 issues, but I have hopes that it could be collected as a TPB.  Then again, if DC didn't care when it was current, they probably have an issue still with it.  With art by Scott McDaniel of Nightwing, Batman, Daredevil fame, I was completely in love with this book, and then nada, nothing, zippo, zilch, cancelled...

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