Monday, October 9, 2017


The Comic book company Crossgen made a lot of comics that were very good.  Many of their titles have been reprinted in tpb form.

The character Brath was historically crisp, accurate in tone, and beautifully written.   He was a barbarian in the  Roman Britain of Crossgen's universe.  In many ways he was more logically created, more intelligently placed in his world, and his family, tribe, friends and Roman analogue foes felt completely true. 

Why the hell is this not collected in TPB form?

BARBARIAN (Gr. βάρβαρος), the name among the early Greeks for all foreigners. The word is probably onomatopoetic, designed to represent the uncouth babbling of which languages other than their own appeared to the Greeks to consist. Even the Romans were included in the term. The word soon assumed an evil meaning, becoming associated with the vices and savage natures of which they believed their enemies to be possessed. The Romans adopted the word for all peoples other than those under Graeco-Roman influence and domination. It has long become synonymous with a general lack of civilization.

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