Saturday, October 14, 2017

We need more! More horror! In TPB Form. It is Halloween, after all...

By Marv Wolfman
And a great group of artists

Before DC's Vertigo imprint horror was presented in a mostly tame form.  And it would be honest to say that Night Force wasn't exactly extreme.  But, it was different, it was interesting through out, and there was a sense of new about it.  I realize that everyone does not have similar taste, so it was, I am sure, not for everyone, but Night Force had a sense of humor, an aspect of creepy, and it was done when the unlimited tools of non code comics were not yet in style.

This was a collection of bad guys, freaks, and others who were gathered by a mysterious leader.  As much as I might have enjoyed more and darker, the series in each of its three versions maintains an appeal.

The first run, with Gene Colan art and Marv Wolfman writing, is to come out in collected form at the end of this month, that is, Halloween.  But, I suggest it could use TPBing of the whole thing.  It is fun.

Writer: H.P. Lovecraft
Adapted by assorted
Art by assorted

The book series Graphic Classics was often brilliant.  Black and white stories adapting the works of great authors of the past.  In most cases the works were deserving of being brought back into the mind of the present readers.  The best of these works, in my view, were the adaptations of Lovecraft and authors of the Lovecraft circle of writers.  As the publisher seems to no longer exist, I doubt this is possible.

I am a fan of the writing of Chuck Dixon.  I am less a fan of Freddy Krueger and the franchise Nightmare on Elm Street.  But, who knew, this stuff is really quite good.  I think the medium of comic books is perfect for the franchise, and Chuck being a great writer loves being able to tell his stories in that other franchise.  There is one collection, but there were more books than that, and I'd love to see new works by Chuck in this franchise.  His gutsy adventure plus horror, plus the humor of Freddy = awesome.

The Supernaturals came out weekly (or bi-weekly) and was a celebration of many of Marvel's darker heroes and told a story with very striking art and colors.  I cannot promise that you will like it, but I enjoyed it, it has very little pretense and was a work that reminded me of the comics of the 1970s that I enjoyed a great deal.

The Innovation series of Anne Rice's Vampire LeStat was a wild success.  I never knew that a second series came out, Interview with the Vampire.  I've since found the singles, and damn but it is good too.  I have no idea if it would be possible to do a tpb, but I sure would like that.

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