Friday, December 22, 2017

I wish it were different but...

I will soon make live an interview that was begun 5 months ago, a number of people responded, some said give me time, and then I waited.  In the meantime my health grew worse, a bomb went off in my life, as I learned a huge event happened that would make my life different, whether good or bad I didn't know.  I struggled to keep my own work moving forward.  As such, I have to surrender to the wages of time, and responses from publishing houses and talent, and give up.  I will no longer write new columns or take the time to find the images necessary.  I will occasionally write here, and that is no big deal, but, I had desired to make a mark as a journalist about comics, if not as a creator of comics.  Sadly, I just have too many things going on.

I regret that future posts will be less frequent, and not about a single field for you to aim your focus upon.

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