Monday, March 5, 2018


Terry Goodkind is a 60 year old petulant child.

His book Shroud of Eternity reached the stands and he immediately declared "Shroud of Eternity is a great book with a very bad cover".  When people stood up and said the art wasn't bad, and the artist of the cover said it was horribly rude to throw him under the bus, Goodkind went so far as suggest that the art and rendering is very good, it just didn't resemble the characters of the book at all well.

Well fuck you Terry Goodkind.  If it were a problem with the publisher you had, you chose first the wrong person, and if it were the art, you went about it like a flaming asshole.

I don't enjoy the Terry Goodkind writing that I've read, but this isn't about my taste.  In fact, he might be great, might write thousands of light years beyond anything I might write or imagine, but as a human he seems to be a fuckhead.  I suspect, having read some of his work that if I were forced to read Shroud of Eternity I'd come away from the read thinking the only thing I liked WAS the cover. 

So, enjoy the money you get from your loyal readers Mr. Goodkind.  I think you are a fuckhead.
And I don't like fuckheads.

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