Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer Reading Assignment

Not everyone loves to read.  And some folks don't like to read books that are heavy in content, mood, tone, or adult in nature.  Every time I write about books I get requests for books in different genres, such as mystery, true crime, historical fiction, light fantasy and many other genres.  I don't read much outside of my preferred areas.  I love fantasy, but usually it involves lots of bloodshed and battle.  I am aware that lots of people like different books than me, but, I do not suggest my reading list is better than anyone else. But I can say, I've been in a state of depression and poor health to the point that I've resorted to trying many new avenues of reading, and some familiar, but with different choices.  My appreciation of Alan Dean Foster as a fellow human and as a writer caused me to go back into the series Spellsinger.  When I began it a while back I did not get into the tone, it was light, I didn't get the best parts of it, due to tunnel vision.  But reentering that book series now, I found it fresh air, and gave me a bit of hope in my heart.  It was a lovely retreat.  I offer these as a number of choices that I'd not likely to suggest before.  Not everyone likes the same thing, but, these were new and different for me, and I enjoyed them.

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