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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The dark side of nuance

A person once told me that she didn't actually believe that most people arrested and convicted for owning child porn images are perverts. Her belief was that people are over concerned and are themselves icky for thinking child nudity is anything but innocent. Well, I wish I could agree. But go to youtube, and look up track and field world women's under 21 or breast feeding tutorials. They are not about that which by the title it might seem. I was sent links to both by porno fans, and a great number of those available on youtube are not porn, but are absolutely voyeuristic. Now, I think track and field is great, and young people achieving is not pornographic. But watch the camera shots and angles. And note how many woman who aren't beautiful are featured versus those who could be considered such.  Note the close ups when the women bend over.

I am not saying all this hoping to guide someone to secret porn. Nor am I saying by calling the people perves that they are evil, everybody has some kink to their coil. But having known a guy who dedicated himself to making every nude pic porn, I know that there is a veneer of innocence that hides some evil. 

This is quite the opposite of what happened to Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland fame. He was a person who had taken many if not thousands of nude photographs, as a form of perhaps art, if not kink. When he died his family or estate burned all of the adult women nude pics, and left the children images. Their desire to keep his legacy from being remembered as sexual, by virtue of having seen nekkid wimmens and photographed them, he is instead remembered as a child porn perve. The answer is far more nuanced.  I am not a great fan of Alice in Wonderland, and think Lewis Carroll seemed to have many personal kinks. But I am not sure they were what they seem, from the distance of time.