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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who do you serve?

NINE INCH NAILS and TRENT REZNOR demonstrate reality through art. Some listeners and critics consider the song HEAD LIKE A HOLE to be about Bondage, or S&M, others about some political force, or religious force, but in reality, the opening line, bow down before the one you serve is stark reality. We all believe in something, and to paraphrase and semi-quote Neil Peart from Rush, choosing not to choose still means you've made a choice. So is it money, power, religious faith, ecstasy, control, conformity that you bow down to?

There is a common belief that at heart most people are self interested. But that doesn't really amount to getting at who do they serve. For if we all our similarly self interested, we all do not follow or bow down before the same master. And, sometimes, even if people are selfish, they do not benefit themselves by being so. In the field of history it is most often accepted that while peasants are said to be rebellious and ready to organize against the government, the peasants on the whole are more conservative in their nature than any form of government they might oppose.

Creativity is a way people express themselves, and, some are fulfilled by that. But is that a power greater than ourselves that we serve? Maybe...

Life offers some people few options, the poorer one is the less viable options he or she will have. So do we choose the object of our service, or, are we cast into service by a lack of choices?

If you choose to escape reality by drugs or some form of fantasy, does it not mean you've still, nonetheless, responding to your existing world? If so, haven't you then ceded control over to the forces of the world you dislike, or fear?

You can get out of the thing called life as early as you make the decision and act upon in. But, if that results in something worse, does that power in fact help you?

Money gives you options in life. By having money you have more choices to make. I am not suggesting we all serve money, but, money is such an enormous beast, one you cannot escape, that, at best you can ignore it, but you cannot deny its existence.

I don't have a point beyond saying, in making this song, and, video, NIN and Trent Reznor reflected the world, it showed us a portion of our being, and by doing so, raises many questions.

Who do you serve?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cycles of insanity

Click to see the madness

When Clinton was president there were the Militias, and the anti tax rebels. When the Bush was in office there were terrorists and the axis of evil. When Obama is in office we have Tea Parties and the rise of the gun toting right.

The swells of the current and tides mean that popular culture, the world in which we live and play, breathe and die, is a battleground of ideologies, myths and fears. I am not saying who is right or wrong, it doesn't matter. The truth of the matter is, people allow their fears to dictate their beliefs, and we can expect, with every election cycle to understand better what views guide us, and what does the future look like.

I recommend that people think about the impact of the recession upon beliefs and decision making. Money, for all its power, is corruptive in that it causes people to go insane from fear when they do not have it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Someone wrote to call me an asshole. Perhaps I am one, you never know but all I did was say what was true, that J.D. Salinger lived a long life, was willing to let his words be his epitaph and that he enjoyed his privacy. But apparently, by saying such to the person calling me an asshole I was saying good riddance to the talented author.

I wasn't. Lives should be lived so well that when we die the thought is how much was left that causes us sorrow. We should mourn the loss, instead of saying, well they lived a long time, so there it is. But J.D. Salinger, to me, didn't seem to be all that happy with his existence, with his fame, and with his ability to interest others simply by existing. So in a sense, while I am not saying goodbye you old fart, I am unwilling to say such a loss, because I don't see a reason for it. The loss of his life, too should be considered in another light, something we don't talk about much in this world, but, provable or otherwise, maybe the place he is exists now is better. Perhaps he is banging 128 virgins daily. Perhaps he is without form or thought, kept alive only in our memory. Perhaps he is in the happy hunting grounds. But wherever he is, I doubt that there are people trying to capture his picture, gain his signature, or find out what he really meant when he said...

Any life lost is a sad thing, but it isn't because we are dead that lives are lost. Unwillingness to live, infirmity, circumstance and more can steal the joy of life. I plan to die a long time from now, eating sushi, drinking Stoli, reading poetry, surrounded by my cats, naked but for a smile, and laying upon a massive king size bed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Horror/Crime Author and Film maker Joe Monks live

Thursday at 10 PM Joe Monks ascends the internet radio throne to discuss a very large announcement. I am not privy to the information but the man is a very talented and bright, kind and funny human being, and I am posting this hoping to support his appearance.

From Joe Monks:

"The show is called Thwipt

1) Help spread the word. The show goes on at 10:00 p.m. East coast time, 9:00 Central, and 7:00 for you folks out West. I go on about 30 minutes in, once they get all of the show intro/latest comic news/etc. out of the way. You can send folks who might wanna listen to: where they can click LISTEN to tune in. If they hear the intro but lose the sound, just reload the page and hit LISTEN again, it can be a little glitchy that way, but it works. Any help you can be of in tweeting, blogging, sending out an e-mail to a friend/friends about the show, it'd be greatly appreciated.

2) Send in a question. These guys aren't Opie & Anthony or Howard Stern, so it'd be nice for them to get a bunch of texts and e-mails and direct messages via twitter with questions. Trace has already tweeted that he's nervous about the show, so help him & the guys out with some questions. You can contact them a couple of ways:

To text in: 214-205-4724, to get in via twitter, send a direct message to: @heroplex , to email, send to the following address:

Oh, and remember, put in a name and location so they can say who asked the question and let folks know where it came from. And, as well, even if you can't tune in to the program live, you can still send in a comment or e-mail or text early, so the guys can bring it up once we're on air."

So send in questions, ideas, your girlfriend's pics, ... wait not that...