Monday, June 14, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion: Hannibal Tesla

Abandoned Towers, the webzine that has been running my comic Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine, has moved it's comics section here to Blogspot. So if you want to continue following Hannibal's thrilling exploits, you can do so at: Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine

If you haven't been following it, why not?

In the Futuristic World of 1935, Hannibal Tesla Man of Science, travels the world fighting evil along with his team of Able Assistants:

* Francis Xavier Grogan: Fighting Archaeologist
* Raymond Steele: Cinema Idol
* Elwood Braun: Mathematical Marvel
* Billy Highcloud: Navajo Ace

And Introducing Ginger DuPree, Plucky Girl Reporter!

Our Story So Far...

Investigating a robbery at a museum, Hannibal crosses paths with a criminal mastermind named Weng Hu. Now Hannibal is racing Weng Hu to Tibet, to find an ancient jewel which may be an alien artifact of incredible power! Will Hannibal beat Weng Hu? What is the secret behind his Sky Terror? And why does Ginger have a tail?

For the answers to these and other thrilling questions, go to Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine

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