Thursday, July 22, 2010


Announcing Warbirds of Mars, a thrilling Neo-pulp/noir scifi WebComic by Doc and Kane! Warbirds of Mars

Created and illustrated by SCOTT P. ‘DOC’ VAUGHN and written by KANE GILMOUR. In 1944 the ‘martians’ (as the invaders are called) attacked the earth and super-ceded WWII, occupying much of the major cities of the world. Man must struggle to re-unite the ragged/ dispersed armies of the planet Earth in the hopes of fighting back with new technology.

The year is now 1948 and one brave band of resistance fighters will make the
difference between a free humanity and a world ruled by invaders from the stars!

The first pages are now available to read! Subscribe today! Click the link ---> Warbirds of Mars


Scott P. Doc Vaughn said...

Thanks, Alex!

alex-ness said...

your work deserves the attention, thanks for making it for us to all see!