Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fur Noir: Who Killed Kathleen Gingers?

She was Hollywood's hottest property; a star of the silver screen, very beautiful, and very naked. The cameras loved her, even when the camera belonged to the County Sheriff's department, and it was a death scene that would've made any actress' career... but when the reviews came in, it was her stand-in who got the accolades, and the killer realized he'd have to shoot the scene again! It doesn't take long for unorthodox police detective Allan Connell to find himself with plenty of suspects auditioning for the role of the murderer, and Connell has to wrap the production fast before the killer's next casting call lands the famous actress a starring role – at her own funeral!

This past summer, an acquaintance from LiveJournal named Gary Akins asked me to provide some illustrations for a couple books he was self-publishing. Gary's a furry fan, and his tales are noir-ish detective stories set in a world of anthropomorphic critters. His main character, Allan Connell, is a ferret with a talent for running into hot women and cold corpses.

His first couple books are now available from Furry Logic Productions. The first one, Who Killed Kathleen Gingers?, has illustrations by myself and a number of other furry artists.

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