Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 21 of October Horror Month: Joe Monks, Horror Writer

Asked why I am a friend of Joe Monks, I'd tell you that he is bright, funny, and has a personal manner about him that is forthright and straight to the point. But that isn't why I am offering up this recommendation to you. It isn't because I am impressed with his directing a film, though blind although I am impressed. It isn't because of anything personal.

It is because he writes horror very well. And his works might not be as popular as Stephen King or Anne Rice, but there is something that I cannot exactly explain about his work that is both similar to both King and Rice, but totally unique. I will try though, I think the word is verisimilitude, and I think that like King and Rice he makes horror work because it isn't all splatter and screams, it is brutal, but there is so much more there if you do more than just read. The unique aspect is found in the work with his own personal touch and additions of his personal style. When you go through his stories there is a foreboding and reality that might make you not want to read it again. But you will.

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