Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7 of October Horror Month: The Spectre by Ostrander and Mandrake

DC Comics has chosen to only collect one chapter of this tale, and it is a shame. Because, however you view the afterlife, there are consequences to the existence of the God humans have called Jehovah and Allah if it actually does exist. For instance the concept of vengeance versus revenge, and various forms of the Angel of Death if the religious texts of the Abrahamic religions are accurate, are vital parts of the theological beliefs of forgiveness, sin, redemption and righteous anger. Ascribing religious and theologically sound motives and background, makes this Spectre real. In this run of issues, illustrated quite magnificently by Tom Mandrake, writer John Ostrander asks enormous questions, that have to be understood, if a being of the nature of The Spectre is to be considered relevant or interesting.

And oh my, it is interesting, but more so, it is horror, for if the religions of the Abrahamic world are correct, there will be eternal justice and wrath poured out. Even if they do not exist, making this character founded upon such doctrines makes it incredibly powerful.

If Bob Harras as DC EIC has any ability to make this series available in reprint, he should do so the first thing he is able. It is that good.

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