Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 9 of October Horror Month: The Vampires of Anne Rice

There is no other writer of vampires who I think does them as much justice as Anne Rice. She makes them brutal, hungry, broken inside, jealous, capricious, close to indestructible, vain, angry, and possessed of knowledge that matches the great length of their unlife.

Her writing, especially regarding her depictions of New Orleans, and Paris, are lush, and worthy of any of the most Gothic work. The landscape is lush, and you can hear and see what goes on in every scene... I love her writing.

I realize that some don't care for her writing style, and some people don't care for vampires. But, I do. And thereby I am offering up this recommendation for those who like their darkness with style, and blood.

Oh, and I like Ms Rice too. She is rather wonderful.

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annamaria084 said...

She is my favorite author this week :)... and last week.

alex-ness said...

she rocks.