Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Mummy Day 2 of October Horror Month

Try to imagine a movie that is slow, because it is meant to be, think of the ancient world, think of how slow a mummy moves... this movie has a pace that is deliberate, and by that, excruciating, but if you watch closely, it will reward your viewing. Boris Karloff played the mummy in THE MUMMY and spends far far more time out of the stereotypical mummy vestiges than not. However, that is the real power behind this film. The mummy is neither mindless, nor under any one else's power, he is awakened and is now seeking to reincarnate his princess, who he was separated from in the deep and distant past. In ancient times he was made prisoner of his flesh so that he could travel to the future and restore the ancient wonders...

Karloff was an amazing actor, and no more so than in this film.

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