Sunday, October 24, 2010


As you’ve read or seen here I have committed to delivering to you 31 Days of Horror through the month of October. I am doing a similar effort by trying to write a review a day for the month of November. This will be offering products for consideration as presents at Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanze, Solstice and/or all of the above.

I am not reviewing product from every company out there, and some of the works are older than others on the shelf or new for the season. I am to blame for that. When I was still writing over at CBG/Trouble with comics I assumed life would cooperate. During the last year I have dealt with two terrible losses, and much more work on my own creative work than ever before. I apologize here, publicly to the publishers who had faith in me to produce reviews in a timely manner, and hope by doing this monthly series, I will pay my debt back to them.

Expect reviews and product discussions from Archaia, Top Shelf, various smaller publishers, and a number of single issues from creative talents. Depending on how well it goes, perhaps I will write a small number of profiles of creators to consider as well.

Stick with me, I promise to do my best.

Here is a first review, consider it an early opportunity to seek it out as a gift, to give or receive.

Rogue Trooper: Tales of Nu-earth v. 1
Gerry Finley-Day and Chris Weston
From Rebellion UK

Nu-Earth was a beautiful world. Until the wars came, unlimited war, war without concern for toll or civilian lives, much less the world itself. Nu-Earth was a place that could have been called perfect, but it was ruined by chemical warfare. There isn’t much left to fight over, and this earth has been divided between two groups, Norts who appear far more malicious, and Southers who seem at least, in look more like the good guys. This story is an analogue for various real earth events and the Southers and Norts are code words for the American Civil war, but, there is so much more than straight analogues and allegorical content.

Rogue Troopers are GIs (Genetic Infantrymen) and fight for the Souther Confederacy. They are soldiers who by science were created by the state to fight, and are immune to various poisons and acids, and harmful actions and issues that would harm normal humans on the battlefield. They are a higher form of human with programed intelligence and skills. The Rogue Trooper who’s eyes you see the world through, is the lone survivor of a massive slaughter of the Rogues, and he is seeking the Souther General thought to have betrayed them.

What a wonderful work this is... Rebellion UK which is putting out 2000 AD product score a massive victory with this book. It is perfectly put together, very beautiful to look at, and the stories are greatly told gems, deserving of being collected.

For its commercial value alone the work is worth the money, by far. But this is an example of something being really good, worth having, and wonderful for sharing with others.

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