Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12, Holiday Reviewarama Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 2 from Archaia

Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 1 and 2
Thomas Siddell

Someone told me once that my reviews were more like PR with a slight difference that I brought my opinions into works and hoped to give people reasons to like what I was discussing. My buddy Michael May said my reviews were like a carrot, and a person who wrote, rather negatively upon his then site Comic Book News was like the stick. I rather agree, but not that reviewing is actually either/or, since the person I'd read for reviews is Michael May, who is both carrot and stick. You can smash people over the head for the creative talent or publishers not doing what you like, or give them reason to do it well by supporting them when they succeed.

Thereby, I am at a loss here, because I think this is a really good work, but it really DIDN'T strike my taste zone. It involves students in a bizarre magic training school, somewhat like the Harry Potter books but suitably different to be its own work. But, having referenced the Potter books, I didn't like those much, and this work is not the same so, entering in to read I had hope. The writing was intelligent and worth praising, the characters seemed well developed and the dialogue and plots were very nicely done. The art mixes animé fusion and straight forward western comic book styles. It is pleasant to look at.

But, ultimately, while I think that this is a work that is sincerely done, smartly aimed, intelligent and nice to look at, it isn't my taste being written towards. So, I give it a full recommendation to someone who likes Harry Potter, but add Johny Test from Cartoon Network and then wrap it in some beautiful production work by Archaia.

My guess is the target audience is more female, is young adult, and would be a welcome addition to most high school libraries across the US and the English speaking world.

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