Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4, Holiday Reviewarama Robo Hunter Volume 2

John Wagner, Alan Grant, Ian Gibson, Rian Hughes, Chris Weston, Simon Jacob


Sam Slade the Robo Hunter of title is a bitter, matured, cigar-smoking hunter of robots that have gone rogue. Homage and satire in parts, literate, cinema, politics and 1980s culture, Robo Hunter is a work that endures, but, has lost some of the shine that made me read it in the 1980s.

This work collects a series of stories wherein the future is filled with strange orders from robot Prime Ministers and his being is refused Heaven at his death, for the fact of a naughty clone of his flesh being upon the earth. Ultimately, although dressed in Science Fiction clothing, this is pure comedy.

Maybe because the concept is less serious we are left with something that has to be entertaining on the strength of the dialogue and the very nice art. Without the strength of an overall powerful story we are left with some characters that are fun, and some stories that are mostly cute but, the work is not altogether satisfying. The work by some of the talent is good, certainly the writing, and art by Ian Gibson, but, overall it was uneven.

The production and packaging of this work is great. No question with Rebellion you get your money’s worth. But in this case, the work and concepts within reveal their age more than the previously reviewed works from Rebellion.

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