Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8, Holiday Reviewarama The New Old Red D&D box Set

Publisher Wizards of the Coast

Some might say the Dungeons and Dragons has lived a number of lives and existences, and editions. That said, the latest big thing from the new parent company of Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, (owned themselves by Hasbro) is thought by some to be a bridge from the old to the new. Paper and pencil role playing games started in earnest with D&D, and though with a WOTC symbol rather than TSR one, the Red Box, or Starter set returns.

Or does it? I've had a chance to look through, and consider the new Red box, and I am sorry to say for those nostalgic for the past that that has still passed from view. This version of the Red box is beautiful to behold, but the simple if arcane rules of the original system are lost within the maze of modern, and the old system can barely be delved by repeated reads. However, if you have never played D&D this is quite good. The 4th Edition from WOTC is a good enough system, and this set fits well with current offerings. New players can learn to play and have a great time. So, while I am not sold as a former player of the old system, I can easily see the worth of this 20 dollar set, for a beginning player.

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