Friday, December 17, 2010


CrossGen Comics has returned as an imprint from Marvel, who is owned by Disney, who bought the bankrupt company CrossGen's properties.

So CrossGen is back


Well not exactly, not really. You see, while I seriously liked the vast majority of CrossGen, the best books at CrossGen were written by Chuck Dixon, Ron Marz and Tony Bedard. I liked RUSE by Mark Waid, so I am not totally against this all, but, without Chuck, Ron and Tony, the heart and soul of the work will not be there. If the Marvel CrossGen imprint puts out some great work, hooray. I am glad to hear it. If they don’t ok, that is sad, but, the vast majority of quality works came from CrossGen when Marz did Sojourn and The Path, Bedard did Route 666, and Dixon did: Brath, El Cazador, and The Way of the Rat.

Now don't think I am ignoring the beautiful art and quality standards of production at CrossGen. They had a lot a great art talents there. But for me, pretty pictures are just that, unless brought to life under the keyboard or pen of a brilliant writer. And while at CrossGen Ron Marz shined, Tony Bedard leapt into popularity, and Chuck Dixon did some wildly entertaining works.

So pardon me for being cynical, but until the heart of the best works is revisited, by the authors of those works, this is pure marketing. And I am an old fart. So I take that very seriously, I may not be in the proper demographic, but I am still a fan of CrossGen’s output, and I prefer to consider the best of CrossGen to be emblematic of it, rather than the sexier titles.

Good luck however to Marvel in this endeavor. I hope they are a great host for some wonderful works. And I expect things to blossom there, since Disney and Marvel both desire this to succeed. And they have the money to do this right.

But bring back Chuck and his works, OK Marvel/Disney? Thanks.

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kurt wilcken said...

Hm. The press release says Mark Waid is writing RUSE. Of course, it's been so long since I've bought any comics period, I don't know if I'll get it.