Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ten Things I love that are Japanese

I was trying to think of a way to encourage people to donate to Red Cross to help earthquake and tsunami victims, but realized, my words probably wouldn't be enough.

As I've stated in this blog before, Japan is very important to me. And I am very moved by the stories I've read and watched from Japan in this crisis, but also, worried and somewhat depressed by the situation. So I decided to instead offer up something that might interest you in Japanese things, and by that maybe look into how amazing a place it is.

And then to donate to help.

Japan is a place of many beautiful scenes, as an island country made of mountains, plains, and streams, it is surrounded by scenes that boggle the mind. Cherry Blossoms, Mount Fuji and ancient buildings are just three aspects of that beauty.

Taiko drums are played in ways that stir the soul. Used since earliest historic memory, they are the music that stirs the samurai spirit.
The Seven Samurai is my favorite film. It is my favorite film for many different reasons, among them, the acting, the story, and the incredible cinematography.
Nothing comes close to beer perfection to me, as does Sapporo, but, particularly draft Sapporo.
I am aware that people have various ideas of what sushi is, or should be. As long as it is on my plate, I don't care what it is called, I crave it.
Godzilla or Gojira is entertaining and a great metaphor at times for Japan, Nuclear weapons and energy, and War. I love the Big G.

Sumotori, gentleman of strength pushing and pulling, trying to displace the opponent is both primal, and civilized. I find it stirring, and beautiful, and violent.
I think Japanese women can be outstandingly beautiful. Akemi Negishi is just one of many who are so lovely upon my eyes.

The Shakuhachi flute and Zen gardens move me. I find solace and beauty in them.

I've met and had friends of many people from Japan or of Japanese descent. I've never found them to be anything but wonderful people. Some of that is just the luck of the draw since there are assholes in every culture, and race and ethnicity... but, I think a lot has to do with the Japanese culture of politeness. And I find it extraordinarily beautiful.

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