Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am a reader of many comic books. The past saw me spending money and time reading a lot of comics, many of them very good. As an adult, a much older one, I guess, I've attempted to buy TPBs of the collected forms of the great comics I have read. But some of the best comics cannot be reprinted.

Sometimes it is due to copyrights and trademark issues. Sometimes the license has expired and no one has a right to reprint. Sometimes the owner of the trademark/copyright product/property wasn't pleased with the stories. Sometimes they have a different plan in mind and want to start new and not remind the public of past versions of the product/property.

Some times, no matter how good a product is, and no matter how clear the path to publication, there is a petty reason to keep the product/property from happening. I think some comics DESERVE to be collected, not solely or because I liked them, but because they were so good they qualify as being worthy. I am not commenting specifically here, I think though that any of the pictured series deserve being reprinted. And it is a shame they remain without such treatment.


Sean Kelly said...

you forgot ROM.

alex-ness said...

In that case there needs to be Shogun Warriors and a few others. This was just a reminder piece that there are works needing reprint but won't get it, obviously there are more too.

Tony Isabella said...

Thanks, buddy.

alex-ness said...

I'd love to hold in my hand a massive TPB of Black Lightning.