Friday, December 23, 2011

Presenting: The Widow

A mixture of darkness and hope, The Widow has created a sound that is unique, moving, and disturbing. I recommend their music, for the sound, the lyrics, and the emotional power of the truths they present.

“Through Lust and Tragedy We Become” by the Widow

From: IA, United States
Rock, Ambient , Screamo

The Widow formed in the spring of 2009 and quickly began writing. After over a year of writing the band began recording their debut album "Through Lust And Tragedy We Become" in May of 2010. They recorded from May of '10 to April of 2011 in Dan Bartlett's basement. Their record was mixed at Radiostar Studio's in Weed, CA by Rich Veltrop. The record was released June 4th of 2011.

"Through Lust And Tragedy We Become" is a mixture of synth driven chorus' and melodic screamo.

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The Widow
Photo by Dave Poyzer

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