Thursday, February 9, 2012


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Art doesn't happen in a vacuum. Characters and concepts have creators. Marvel Comics destroyed Gary Friedrich in court and to prove their dominance over him have counter filed requesting/demanding that he pay 17,000 and never say he was the creator of GHOST RIDER in a public forum ever again.

If you support the arts, and love comics, remember that there are people creating them. Do not ignore the fact often times, creative talents sign contracts, and when they sign contracts the corporations have conveniently ignored them. Yes, it goes both ways, but, 17000 dollars and never saying he was one of the creative forces of Ghost Rider?

Gary Friedrich is the creator of Ghost Rider.
He created Ghost Rider. He previously created Hell Rider and went to Marvel shortly thereafter with a similar concept. And now, Marvel would like you to believe Marvel created Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider didn't appear out of nowhere, it had a creator, and it wasn't a corporation.

Hell Rider

Ghost Rider
Gary Friedrich

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