Sunday, November 22, 2015

With one magic word, SHAZAM!!!!!!

Do not let the travesty of the shit storm happening with modern DC comics that has changed Captain Marvel into "Shazam" stop you from appreciating the wonder and beauty of the character.  He was a character made in a simpler time, that is true, but, his powers were drawn from sources of myth and legend, and the stories were written with a whimsy and joy not found in nearly anything similar.  The story of the character's move from Golden Age giant to Bronze Age outcast, who missed the Silver Age entirely, is well documented elsewhere.  The business entity that was to become DC Comics declared that Captain Marvel was too close in powers to Superman, and sued.  The resulting lawsuit and entanglements led to Fawcett comics closing up their heroes, and DC buying the characters and copyrights.  They then could offer up the character without it damaging their product, since, it was now their own product.

As a youth I was bored with Superman, despite appreciating what he stood for.  But I never grew bored of Captain Marvel.  The reason was found in the difference between adult intelligence and childlike innocence.  Superman had honor, and was moral, but in his stories he bordered on stupid because he almost had to become less intelligent to make the story work.  Whereas Captain Marvel was innocent with the heart of a boy, who trusted and hoped in the best of people. 

Fawcett Comics
I've heard that DC has changed the character to be edgy and dark, to be different and attract attention.  Well, then he is no longer Captain Marvel.  I understand the name change to Shazam, with the competition being MARVEL comics, having a Captain Marvel seems a bit dangerous, reminding people of the competition. 

In the present, to make the character they thought was too similar to Superman, but who I liked far better than Superman, DC has crushed him, and all of his fans.  What DC has done is deboned, eviscerated, and flensed the corpse of a character that was beautiful.  Now within its body is a ghost, and nothing more.

So I love you Captain Marvel, may you ever fly in my dreams.

And screw you DC.  You suck.

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