Monday, January 4, 2016

First the comic, then the Movie or TV Series

Some people haven't the time to try to understand what is going on with Powers.  That is the only thing I can imagine is their problem with it.  Because it does what others have tried for decades.  The comic, written by Brian Bendis and illustrated by Mike Oeming, tells a story that features police officers dealing specifically with the crimes of people known as Powers.  But, the thing is, however real other books have tried to be, powers don't exist for us but in POWERS they do, they are normal in the sense of known and seen daily, so the depth of emotion and consequence of the stories is insanely powerful (no pun intended).  If there were people who could do this, do that, and we knew, they'd be seen as being just short of Gods.  But also, while exciting, people without powers would eventually come to fear or distrust those with powers.  What other comics try to show, Powers deals with every issue.  It is among the best comics I've ever read.  At the very least, it reminds me of why I love comics with every issue I read.

And now, after a determined effort to bring the work to television, a misfire or failed pilot behind them, they've completed a first season of POWERS the television series.  And it is a miracle.  Critics can shed tears over characters and bloodshed, but I promise, if you are a comic book fan, and especially if you've read and loved POWERS, the series is amazing.  I accept that there are people who won't like it for one reason or the other, but I promise that people who love the series are involved in it, and it shows.  The only quibble I have isn't worth mentioning because, honestly, this isn't a review, but a notice for people who haven't been aware, that they need to be. 

Playstation Network shows first run episodes, but the first season can be seen on  And thank you  I don't watch television.  But my son and I chose to try this show because of my love for the comic, and we both are now deeply ready for season 2.

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