Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why, that is Inhuman!

They have existed under the sea, on a far away hidden island, in the Himalayan mountains, and on the Moon, as well as countless other unrecorded locations.  But always they lived in a land of a specific name.  First mentioned in 1941 by Jack Kirby, Attilan a country, city, and mystical place.  It is the ancient city, capital and home of the Inhumans. 

They are an evolutionary advanced offshoot and self mutated group of humans who are both super human, and also, persecuted for being different.  The royal family is generally what the comic book appearances feature, and their first appearances in comics were in Fantastic Four #45.

While the Inhumans are not warlike they are not so peace devoted as to become martyrs for a world that would rather see them destroyed for racial purity.  Many of the stories of the Inhumans feature forms of racial persecution and racial hate and segregation.

As I am a fan of the great Jack Kirby you might assume that I love the Inhumans due to his part in their creation.  But the best Inhumans story was written by Paul Jenkins and illustrated by Jae Lee, I can only recommend it, I cannot force you to read it, but you should.

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